Case Studies

Most Pennsylvania employers want to help working families address child care needs, but few realize that resources are available to help. The Case Studies in Caring series explores award-winning business initiatives created with available resources and are custom-crafted to meet local child care needs for communities and workforces.

Families need quality child care to work. Employers need quality child care to ensure their workforce needs are met.

Through our combined efforts, Pennsylvania will realize a robustly funded, quality child care and early learning system that:

  • is accessible to every child,
  • is affordable for every family,
  • meets the needs of diverse families and communities,
  • fairly and equitably compensates teachers and staff, and
  • is defined by multiple supports, including employer benefits and policies and public and private-sector investments.

To learn how your business can join the movement to invest in caring, contact the Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission at

“When I look at the future, it’s ‘What can we do as employers to help the region have better child care but also address some of the challenges we have in keeping a workforce and retaining and recruiting a workforce?’ I think some of our success could come in developing a more robust child care program.”

Kendra Aucker, President & CEO, Evangelical Community Hospital

York County

Launched the York County Early Childhood Educator Awards to promote the retention of qualified teachers through financial awards.

Case Study
ABK Collaborative

Collaborated to offer nontraditional child care while tearing down employment barriers and teaching the teachers.

Case Study
Evangelical Community Hospital

Responded to crisis-driven child care challenges within the healthcare system and local community.

Case Study

Supported and supplemented high-quality early learning with elementary schooling for at-risk kids.

Case Study
NPC, Inc.

Partnered to decrease financial barriers to high-quality pre-K and meet the economic needs of local families.

Case Study
Benco Dental

Implemented family-friendly policies internally while supporting working families and high-quality pre-k.

Case Study