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Sample: Employee Needs Survey

As you consider what kind of child care support to offer, a key first step is understanding your employees’ needs. That’s why we’ve created a survey for you to share with your employees to determine what kind of support would be most beneficial to them.

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Creative Child Care Solutions: Technical Assistance to Get Started

Creative Child Care Solutions helps employers identify and address the child care needs of their employees. As a leader in Pennsylvania’s early childhood education field, Creative Child Care Solutions recognizes that businesses and organizations are consistently looking for ways to attract and retain qualified staff. Their team will help you assess child care need and determine solutions to support your employees.

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Guide to Quality Early Childhood Education in PA

Pennsylvania’s early childhood education system can be confusing to families and employers. The Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission created a one-page guide to help define and clarify key services and agencies.

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U.S. Chamber “Employer Roadmap”

This roadmap from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation helps senior leaders and business owners learn their options for supporting working parents with their child care needs. It is also intended to help leaders understand what to expect when embarking on this journey and how to take action.

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How to Open a Child Care Facility

This toolkit from the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning is for people who are considering opening a child care facility. It offers guidance from start to certified completion. Businesses considering opening a child care facility can use this toolkit to discover information about what makes a child care a high-quality early learning experience and a valuable resource in a community.